Bruce Davis
16 Oct 1939 Pvt B Troop, 1st Sqdrn, 8th Cav Regt (with 7th Cav) 2d Brigade, 1st Cav Div, Fourth Army, Ft Bliss, Tx  

                  Basic Training on a horse as a cavalryman
15 Aug 1940 Pfc B Troop.  1st Louisiana Maneuver.  Second Army vs Fourth Army.  Rode Capt Valentine's polo  pony, Little Miss Jackson.

15 Oct 1940 Cpl C Troop (was formed from A & B Troop personnel).  Assistant Supply Sgt  Still Ft Bliss, Tx

                  Charge of Quarrters during 2d Louisiana Maneuvers.
16 May1942 SSgt, Supply Sgt, C Troop.  Border Patrol Ft Huachuca , Az to Ft Bliss, Tx.  Stationed Columbus, NM.

15 Oct 1942 Service extended "For the convenience of the Government to end of the war plus six months."

18 Jun 1943 SSgt, Supply Sgt, C Troop.  1st Cav Div, Eighth Army, to Camp Strathpine , Brisbane , Australia 

15 Dec 1944 SFC, Supply Sgt, C Troop.  Oro Bay , New Guinea .  Located at Buna.

09 Mar 1944 SFC, Supply Sgt, C Troop  Amphibious landing, Admiralty Islands .  1st Combat.

20 Oct 1944 1st Sgt, C Troop, 8th Cav Amphibious landing, Tacloban, Leyte Island, PI.  Later to Samar Island, PI.

22 Jan 1945 2d Lt, C Troop, 8th Cav Regt.  Battlefield Commission, SO 22, Gen Douglas MacArthur’s Hq.

27 Jan 1945 2d Lt, C Troop, 8th Cav Regt. Amphibious Landing Lingayan Gulf, Luzon, PI.  Assembly area: Guimba.

31 Jan 1945 2d Lt, C Troop, 8th Cav Regt.  On "Flying Column" to Manila and liberation of Santo Tomas University

                 Presidential Palace.  Bathed in Presidents bath tub.
27 Feb 1945 Wounded in battle.  Div GO 73.  Wounded twice previously.

29 May 1945 1st Lt. C Troop, 8th Cav Regt  Combat patrols near Santa Maria in Sierra Madre mountains.

02 Oct 1945 Yokahama Harbor, Japan.  On landing craft, awaiting signing of Surrender on Battleship Missouri, before  landing on the docks of Yokahama.  Released POW's. Secured Military Facilities and Arms.

08 Nov 1945 Released from Active Duty, Ft MacArthur, San Pedro, CA. Sixth Army.  Went into Reserve Component.

29 Jan 1948 Assigned to B Troop, 3l8 Mecz Cav Rcn Sqdrn, ORC, Sixth Army, Beverly Hills , CA

18 Feb 1948 SFC, Reenlisted Ft MacArthur, CA. for 1st Cav Div, Tokyo , Japan .  Refresher training at Ft Ord, CA.

10 May1948 SFC, Chief Clerk, Div AG Sec, 1st Cav Div Hq, Camp Drake, Eighth Army, Tokyo, Japan

25 Jun 1950 Alerted for combat in Korea . Amphibious training in Japan before leaving.

18 Jul 1950  Msgt, AG Sec, Hq 1st Cav Div. Eighth Army  Amphibious Landing, PoHongDong , Korea .

17 Feb 1951 Msgt, Service extended "For convenience of the Government" Reenlisted, 3 years, 27 Feb 1951 .

04 Jun 1951 Msgt, Sgt Maj, Post Hq, Ft MacArthur, San Pedro, CA. Sixth Army.

01 Nov 1951 1st Lt.  Recalled to AD without my consent.  Assigned, as platoon leader, to E Co,11th Armored Cavalry Regt  Ft Carson, CO, Fifth Army

07 Jan 1952 1st Lt.  Assigned to CG Staff as Ass't G3, I&E Then Public Information Officer, Ft Carson, CO

21 Oct 1952 1st Lt.  Detailed to Ft Knox, KY. to complete Basic Armor Officer course. Returned to Ft Carson PIO.

16 Feb 1954 1st Lt.  Assigned to Hq Berlin Command , Germany as PIO  Saw East Berlin via "Checkpoint Charlie"

20 Feb 1954 1st Lt. Tank Plat Leader 322d Tank Bn (120mm GUN), Camp Denny T Clarke, Hammelburg , Germany.  Se Seventh Army.  This was the former POW camp Stalig XIIIB depicted in "Hogan's Hero's" movies.  It was also the Camp  Capt Abe Baum tried to liberate for Gen Patton, where son-in-law, Col John Waters, was a POW.

19 Aug 1954 Capt DA SO 164, Par 11 S-2, 322d Tk Bn, 19th Armor Group, 7th Army

02 Dec 1954 Capt S-2, Asst Adj, CO Hq, Hq & Svc Co, 322d Tk Bn, (265 EM in this company) 

16 May 1955 Capt Adj  Name of Tank Bn changed, to 826 Tk Bn (120mmGun) Still Seventh Army.  

16 May 1956 Cpt  Bn Adjutant.  Camp Clarke returned to German Army.  Moved to Schweinfurt, Germany.

10 Oct 1956 Cpt  Gyroscope Coordinator.  Exchange Battalions between Ft Benning , GA and Schweinfurt , Germany

15 Mar 1957 Cpt Adjutant.  826 Tk Bn rotated to Ft Benning, GA. Third Army) then changed to 3d Bn, 66th Armor.  
                   Furnished armor support to the Infantry School.  
Attended last above ground atomic blast, "Old Smoky", as observer, at Nevada Test Site.   
11 Jul 1960  Cpt  Adjutant and CO Tk Co, 3/66  DA SO 147, Par 70, assignment to Saudia Arabia.  Later cancelled.

16 May1961 Cpt Adjutant.  3/66 Tk Bn disbanded.  Personnel reassigned.

16 May1961 Cpt CO B Troop, 2/69 Armor, 2d Inf Div, Third Army, Ft Benning , GA.

08 Dec1961 Maj S-3, 2/69 Armor, 2d Inf Div, Third Army, Ft Benning , GA.

31 May1962 Maj S-3, 2/69 Armor.  Retired from Active Duty to Standby Reserve.