I Am No More

I can tell you a tale
of another place,
One you can go to often
a brand new race.

This place that
you can go,
You will be like everyone else
no one will ever know.

They won't know that you are different
for they cannot see,
You are just like them
and you can be.

As you log on the chat room
with an aka name,
You are excepted and loved
you are all the same.

Your fears are gone
you get bolder each time,
You become friendly
you are all one mind.

The new life you have
a place where you can be,
You forget your past
you can now see.

The chat room blues
has become part of you,
You type in the words
just as others do.

So here we come
to spend the day,
The time is lost
but what could I say.

It is all another world
but close to me,
Each new face I met
I can be.

As time goes on
we think everyone is right,
It becomes a lifestyle
of course you are bright.

But when you think
you have got it all figured out,
Then it happens
and you have your doubt.

You come here often
you lose all time,
Your mind get dizzy
and have no more rhyme.

You were happy to be
with friends old and new,
Then your machine acts up
and you become blue.

So from frozen cyber room
all covered with pink,
My post are not going up
this just stink.

Then all turns white
and out the door,
I just got the boot
I am no more.

18 Oct 1998

Publicish 1998 and © by eak Productions
Used by permission only

Dedicated to:
wwcol.com - chat room 02
Thanks drj & Lew